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Artist Print. 'Stone Flowers' Super Soft Leggings. High Waist Band

Activewear 'Stone Flowers' Print Leggings.

About the Artist
This print is exclusively created for use with Bombette (c) by Artist Gina McAdam, Gina says-
'Remember that iconic Manchester band from the nineties?
This is my Homage to the Artwork on the Album Cover and the great works of American artist, Jackson Pollock.
I created the design by using paint splattered onto a lowered canvas surface, I then added some collaged paper designs to digitally create the final design, it was so much fun to create!.

About the Leggings
These were our best sellers at our pre-launch, and we suspect these are might be being snapped up for all those outdoor events this year!
Tailored in beautifully soft and stretchy fabric, perfect for Yoga, dance, camping, festivals or just as comfortable daywear.

* Made with a higher waistband for yoga, fits snugly while leaving you room to move.
* Material has a four-way stretch, so fabric stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains.
* Made with a smooth and comfortable micro-fiber yarn 82% polyester/18% spandex.
* Flat seam, cover stitch for double strength.
* Moisture Wicking means the fabric keeps dry.

Our Size Guide -
As our leggings are custom-made please check our sizing chart in the last image for the perfect size for you.

Suggested Guide-
Small - UK size 8-10
Medium -UK size 10-12
Large -UK size 12-14
XL- UK size 14-16

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