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Artist Smock Dress in 'Miro' Silk-Satin
£220.00 - £230.00

We are so pleased to introduce the 'Artist's, Smock Dress' our first ever hand-designed and exclusive printed dress.

Our dress flows around the body and falls in graceful pleats at the hem.
Dress it up with a belt to gather in the waist or leave it loose to billow we think this is our best design yet.
Small, but beautiful details are incorporated into the gathered neckline and hand-stitched sleeves.

•The hemline sits just above the knee
•100% UK-Made.
•Available in UK sizes 8-18
• Elasticised neckline and elbow cuffs for a comfortable fit.
• Exclusive design and Print.
• Constructed by Hand
• Limited Edition runs which will be authenticated by handwrote note in the box.
• 100% animal-free products and processes.
• Printed on OEKO-TEX 100 certified fabric

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