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All our fabrics are printed in the UK in small batches exclusively for Bombette UK.

Here's how we recommend you care for your piece.

When you need to wash use a 30 degree cycle, and a lower spin speed, or, to be as gentle as possible try a hand wash using a mild detergent.

Avoid using a tumble-drier as this can cause pilling and the chance of shrinkage.

Do not wring garments instead squeeze out as much water as possible.

To iron use a very low heat and press the fabric whilst it is still damp using a cloth over the garment to protect it. Never use a hot iron directly onto our faux-silk products.
Velvet Garments and leggings do not usually need to be ironed.

Do not use bleach.

All our Leggings include a tear-away care guide label inside every pair.

Enjoy wearing your garment.




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